Zaffron Levies a Bathroom Tax

In the kitchen:

Zaffy: Mom, you owe me 25 cents.

Me: What for?

Zaffy: You used the kids’ bathroom.

Me: You’re charging me for using your bathroom?

Zaffy: Yes! You said this was the kids’ bathroom when we moved here and you are not a kid. Plus, you owe me another quarter.

Me: What? For What?

Zaffy: You didn’t flush.

Me: Zaffron, first, I didn’t use your bathroom. Second, if I had I certainly would have flushed.

Zaffy: Mom, it had to be you. It wasn’t me and Mgazi pinky-promises it wasn’t her. You’re  all that’s left. But don’t feel bad, sometimes I have to pay myself a quarter too.

Later that day, in the car:

Zaffy: So, when am I getting my 50 cents?

Me: Zaffy, how about you owe me a quarter for being annoying?

Zaffy: Mom, the rules are the rules, even if you don’t like them.

Me: Well, I’m not going to pay.

Zaffy: Then I’ll just have to charge you another quarter.

Me: Are you kidding me?

Zaffy: No. If you don’t pay me my 50 cents in five weeks, I’m going to charge you another quarter.

Mgazi: Zaffy, you mean five days.

Zaffy: No, I mean five weeks.

Mgazi: Mommy, Zaffy doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She means she wants the money in five days, not five weeks.

Zaffy: I know exactly what I’m talking about. Mommy, just pay me and everything will be fine.

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  1. This post really made me smile and brought back memories. My son was about 10 when we moved here and there are 3 rooms at the front of the house: his bedroom, “his” bathroom and an extra room which was to be my office. The “office” became the “kid cave” so he could have friends over without messing up his room. He wanted me to ask permission before entering what he called his “suite” of rooms. Annoying at the time but looking back, so cute and funny! Your kiddos are adorable.

  2. my first daughter started to charge me approximately USD 1 everytime she finishes doing things that I have told her to do :) Sometimes, I give her the money just for boosting her spirit but often I just ignore her and tell her that what daughter supposed to do “Do what Mommy tell you to do”

    If I keep giving her the money that she charged me for, I guess she will have approximately USD 1000 in her piggy bank now :D

    • My youngest tries to do that. I’ll say, “Mgazi, go do this very important but easy thing.” She’ll say, “What are you going to pay me?” I tell her “Kisses.” She says, “No, that’s okay. You can go ask Zaffy to do it.”

      Little stinker.

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