Where is Super Nanny When You Need Her?

Mgazi is in bed. She’s been there for 30 minutes and she’s still not sleeping. 

Mgazi: Mommy!

I don’t answer.


Me: Yes, Gaz?
 (Damn! I did it again. I gave in. Super Nanny says you should never answer them when they are calling to you from bed.)

Mgazi: Can you come?

Me: No, I’ll check on you later. (What the heck, Kris. Stop answering her. Remember your Super Nanny!)

Mgazi: But Mommy, I’m going to forget what I’m saying!

Silence from the bedroom for about 20 minutes, then…

Mgazi: Mommy! …. MOMMY! …. Awww, I already forgot what I said!

Whatchya thinkin stinkin?

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