Thoughtless Words Get Me Into Trouble (Again)

Families in the LopSo, I was asked to contribute to a Chicago parenting site called Families in the Loop last month. Their tagline is “where parents let loose.” In other words, they say what they actually think, not what they are supposed to think. And they swear a lot. (They’re all kinds of awesome.)

So, I wrote this piece called “All I Want for Christmas is to Knock Out My Kid’s Two Front Teeth.” Zaffy had lost her top front tooth, her third one. And it was upsetting to her, just like losing her first two. She vacillated between exhilaration and terror. Laughing and crying. Poor thing didn’t know what to feel.

I felt sorry for her. But I was also annoyed. That’s what got me into trouble. She turned on me when I helped her with her tooth and then I turned on her in a very un-grown-up like way.

It’s not always funny.



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  1. I read those posts earlier when I was on that site reading a post by another friend blogger. I was wondering why you weren’t telling us about them. Too, too funny. Honestly, I would love to have a daughter. Except for that mind-changing drama. Not that.

  2. Haha, I feel you! It happens to me, too – when I am too tired or too stressed or they are just too annoying…I never really mean it, its just a way to blow off some steam. And lucky me – when I feel like I am going to blow up I use my mother-tongue’s swearwords so my little ones just feel they did something wrong, they don’t understand a single word I say. Usually it is followed by a little “Daddy, she is speaking Polish again!” :)

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