Technology Woes

So, I’ve been having serious technology woes in Africa: couldn’t find adapters; power cord on Mac not working; power cord on Mac working; no internet; slow internet; no internet.

I’ve been in the midst of a no-internet period and it really dampens my spirits. Having no easy access to my family, friends, and work simply brings me down. I have a harder time staying positive and my sparkling personality has a hazy sheen. Even Pastor has noticed.

Four days ago, we lost internet again, and yesterday it popped back up. I spent 2 hours answering about 15 work emails

This is why it took 2 hours:

Load email in browser (45 seconds, wait expectantly)

322 emails… gre-at.

Open first email (30 seconds, wait patiently)

Read it (15 seconds. Eek! Urgent response needed!)

Hit reply (30 seconds, mind wanders. Darn, who was it I’m replying to?)

Hit back button (10 seconds)

Oh yeah, it’s the President of my Board, wouldn’t want to forget him, heh heh. Hit forward button (10 seconds)

Write response (34 seconds – short and sweet)

Hit send (60 seconds, staring at the ceiling, practicing my multiplication tables)

Return to inbox (30 seconds)

Open second email…

You get my drift? It’s infuriating. But not as infuriating as not having any connectivity at all. So, I was happy to have it back. But this morning, it’s gone again.

I can’t even post this blog entry.

Whatchya thinkin stinkin?

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