I Had A Vision… And it Came True!

A few weeks ago a friend dragged invited me to a Vision Board class. This is where you cut pictures out of magazines and try to build a collage of everything you want out of your life. According to the instructor, if you make a board and shove it in the closet, your dreams will still come true. It’ll just take a long time. But if I “work” the board. Look at it every day, imagine these things happening to me, my vision of my life will manifest itself more quickly. I’m skeptical, but I’m also post-Paris Kristine so I’m giving it a try.

I took the assignment seriously and glue photos and words that depicted how I’d like to see my life. Happy family, travel, health, writing and photography.

One of the Oprah magazines, which are great for this  because every page is encouraging you to be a better you, had a cute little blue and yellow circle with the words, “editor’s pick.” I cut it out and pasted it on my board thinking that I’d like it represent other people acknowledging and recognizing, even recommending my work here on the blog.

I already get a bit of this from the amazing folks at Families in the Loop. They’ve posted two pieces of mine already:

This month, despite my vision board, I was feeling uninspired and out of ideas. It might have been because I was sick most of the month, or because my house was full of visitors. Regardless, I wasn’t writing. Which meant I wasn’t keeping my commitment to FITL for an original piece every month. Shame on me.
I wrote to my contact there, Melissa, and admitted my lame-assedness and offered up two old posts for possible use on their site. Melissa wrote back, forgave me immediately, and informed me that FITL would be happy to post one of my “classics.” She chose the ballet piece, the one where I’m annoyed at contributing to my children’s bloated sense of entitlement. The problem is that the piece was way too long. Within an hour, Melissa had whittled away my story to an acceptable length for FITL publication

She had picked the piece and edited it.

Holy cow. I need to take another look at that board!


Thoughtless Words Get Me Into Trouble (Again)

Families in the LopSo, I was asked to contribute to a Chicago parenting site called Families in the Loop last month. Their tagline is “where parents let loose.” In other words, they say what they actually think, not what they are supposed to think. And they swear a lot. (They’re all kinds of awesome.)

So, I wrote this piece called “All I Want for Christmas is to Knock Out My Kid’s Two Front Teeth.” Zaffy had lost her top front tooth, her third one. And it was upsetting to her, just like losing her first two. She vacillated between exhilaration and terror. Laughing and crying. Poor thing didn’t know what to feel.

I felt sorry for her. But I was also annoyed. That’s what got me into trouble. She turned on me when I helped her with her tooth and then I turned on her in a very un-grown-up like way.

It’s not always funny.



It’s a 2012 “Big Thing” – I get Published in a National Blog!

Families in the LopOkay, okay, so the nature of the web means that all blogs are national… or worldwide, for that matter… let’s not get technical and suck the joy out of this very cool moment.

An excellent website out of Chicago, called Families in the Loop, asked me to write a little something. And I couldn’t be more honored. This is just as exciting as walking on fire or seeing the Dalai Lama pretend to poop!

FITL (I can call them that, we’re tight) encourages their parent bloggers to “let loose” so I took them at their word and wrote about Zaffy losing her tooth and the extreme heebie jeebies that resulted.