Surely, Game Park Lions Only Eat One Visitor at a Time?

This is Africa

This is Africa. He lives in Africa.

Mom and I went to one of the larger Game Reserves for a Game Drive in a real, authentic Game Drive Jeep. And we were lucky enough to see four of the Big Five. We saw a gorgeous male lion, lots of Rhinos (with babies), several elephants (with babies),  and a Buffalo. We would have reached the magic number if we had seen a leopard, but no such luck. But lots of other animals came our way, hippos, a ton of impala, kudu (WHICH IS HUGE, I swear I think the one we saw was bigger than a moose), and giraffes, mom’s favorite.

All the men in our jeep wanted to see the lions, so we looked for them first. Before we entered the lion section,  our guide, named Africa, hopped out to secure a super-gigantic silver rifle to the front of the jeep.  It occurred to me that I would prefer that the gun be kept in the jeep with us, but I’m no expert in the art of protection against hungry lions. If we got attacked and he wanted to scramble across the hood after the gun, so be it. He’d make a good target for the hungry beast and the rest of us could safely cower in the back. Surely game park lions only eat one visitor (or guide) at a time.

This is the lion

This is the lion we saw. Luckily, he just ate.

Happily, the lion we did see seemed quite satiated — he barely blinked acknowledgement  of our existence. And it was a good thing too. I later learned that the super-gigantic silver gun was actually a super-gigantic silver jack, in case we blew a tire.

Whatchya thinkin stinkin?

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