It’s a 2012 “Big Thing” – I’m a Firewalker!

So, I want to do one “big” thing each month this year. I want to make 2012 the year that I don’t let anything stop me. And when I look back at my 12 “big” things, I want to feel pride and accomplishment and joy. (January’s “big” thing was running my first ever 5K — and not coming in last!)

So, for February, I did three “big” things all in one exceptional night.

  1. I walked on freshly broken glass — barefoot.
  2. I broke an arrow with my throat – yeah, you heard me, with my throat!
  3. I walked on fire – twice.
Wanna see?

Many thanks to Vincent J Kellsey for being an incredible leader during this workshop that helped me see how fear can be turned into power.

Glass of white wineRecommended wine: What? Are you crazy? Do you really think I’m going to recommend drinking alcohol when you are walking on jagged glass, breaking arrows with your throat, and walking barefoot over hot burning coals? No, my friends, no wine recommendation from me today.

Whatchya thinkin stinkin?

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