If She’s Pretty, Then She’s Not Me

First this was me. Then it wasn’t.

Mgazi: Mommy! Mommy! Look at this picture I drew!

Me: What a good drawing, Mgazi. You are a talented artist. Is that me?

Mgazi: Yep!

Me: Well, it’s beautiful!

Mgazi: Then it’s me.

2 insightful thoughts by 2 brilliant people

  1. Hahahah!!! So funny :) Gotta love the kid drawlings. One of the smartest things my Mom taught me was (when i have NO idea what the poop they just drew), “Honey, that is amazing, can you tell me ALL about it?” – this saved me from asking why my daughter drew a car accident and people throwing up blood. It was a rollercoaster and happy screams.

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