Dude, Where’s My Cow?

Things do not always go as planned.  I didn’t meet Luyanda today. Extremely disappointing but I’m rolling with it.

Mom and I spent today getting acquainted with the local mall. So, I don’t have much to report. But I did learn something fun a few days ago that I haven’t mentioned yet. This country tows cows. If a cow wanders away from wherever it’s supposed to be (I believe this is a regular occurrence… we see dozens a day grazing by the sides of the roads), it gets collected and taken to the cow impound. If the owner doesn’t collect his cow in the time alloted, it gets auctioned off.

It’s cowpitalism.

HA HA HA —–  sorry.

A sad thing did happen today. We were eating pizza at the mall today when an elderly woman approached and began talking to Pastor.  She was asking us for money. Her child had died recently and she didn’t have the money to bury him or her. She had brought documentation with her — a mortuary notice that said her child had died on August 25th. Cause of death: long illness.

Whatchya thinkin stinkin?

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