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Hi! My contact form sucks. It always has. People have tried to contact me a bunch of times with no success. I know this because every other Thursday night or so I go over my stats and logs and such.


So, I’m ditching it.


Just email me directly at

I will answer. Pinky swear.

One thought on “Contact Me

  1. Hi,

    We want you to be a special guest reader!

    I work for Milk + Bookies, a national non-profit, designed for families, to teach kids how great it feels to give back.
    We have partnered with GapKids for the month of January to launch a new toddler line of clothing inspired by a classic children’s book. We are having 30 events across the country at GapKids stores on January 26th.

    We would love for you to come and read a story at the Chicago event. The event is from 11 am – 12 pm with the story at 11:30. The day will include cookies, coloring, shopping, stories and an opportunity for families to bring gently used books to donate to the Chicago Boys & Girls Club of America.

    Your site will be included in press for the event as well as a $100 gift card for your involvement.

    Please let me know if this is something that is doable and interesting to you. We would really love to have you!

    Many thanks,

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