That’s Right! I am the Bossity Boss.

Me: Zaffy, go do that incredibly boring thing I told you to do five minutes ago. You know, the same thing you neglected to do ten minutes ago, the first time I asked.

Zaffron: Fine…. bossity boss.

Me: Hey Zaff. For that you get to go to your bed.

Zaffron huffs and stomps off to her bedroom. I can’t remember what it is that I asked her to do. But I do remember it being the third time I asked. She was pissing me off. (Usually, something like calling me “bossity boss” wouldn’t have been a “go to your bed” offense. It would have been a “excuse me? try again” offense.)

I waited a few minutes before going in to talk to her. She wasn’t in her bed, like I instructed. Instead, she was in her sister’s bed, fooling around under the covers.

Me: Zaffron! Where did I tell you to go?

Zaffron: My bed.

Me: Then why aren’t you in it?

Zaffron: I’m sorry, Mommy.

Me: Happy to hear it.  Now get into your own bed, like I told you.

As she climbed up the ladder to her bunk bed, I heard her muttering to herself.

Zaffron: You don’t look happy to hear it.


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  1. Go figger
    Just don’t get how working mothers with small kids, and sometime even a husband, manage.
    Personally still working on “to do list” from last week of Sept. (think it is 2012)
    Maybe now with election over, I will get my nose out of the tube. Will have to learn multitasking. Wonder if you can meditate(signed up with the Chopra guy, but never got started), listen to Swahili tape and walk on treadmill at the same time?

    • Jytte! Of course you can! I’ve done it. Many times… except I was humming the theme from the Brady Bunch, listening to the voices in my head, and wandering aimlessly around my neighborhood, a bit lost. *smile*

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