Be Not Afraid

Zaffron was in the Christmas pageant at Church this year. She played an angel. (Mgazi was a brown animal. Sheep? Cow? We couldn’t tell.) Zaffy even had a speaking part — a single, very important line, pivitol to the Christmas story: “Be not afraid.”

She follows her own advice in the sweetest, funniest ways every day. But on Christmas Eve, singing Hallelujah in front of the entire congregation, she took it to a whole new level.

The video below is two minutes long. If you want to soak up the immense cuteness of my children, and see Russell playing a yamaka-wearing shepherd, watch the whole thing. Otherwise, skip to 1:20. That’s where Zaffron really embraces her zaffiness.

Be not afraid to be yourself, my dear, sweet girl. You are amazing!

Whatchya thinkin stinkin?

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